Yale & Sumitomo Part

The primary Hyster-Yale Group brands include Hyster and Yale lift trucks, two of the most respected names in the materials handling industry. Together, the Hyster and Yale brands maintain one of the leading market share positions, both in the Americas and worldwide.

Yale + Sumitomo Part

Hyster® and Yale® lift trucks are among the best in the business

Supported by a strong, stable network of independent lift truck dealers, the Hyster and Yale range of lift trucks is among the broadest and deepest in the lift truck industry; from nimble narrow aisle electric lift trucks with a 1.5-ton capacity, to heavy duty internal combustion-driven models that can handle up to a 52-ton load. Backed globally by Hyster-Yale, Hyster and Yale lift trucks provide the muscle for over 600 end-user applications in more than 600 diverse industries.

Our aftermarket support is just as strong with a worldwide network ready to supply all the lift truck parts and industry expertise our dealers and customers need.

In 2011, Hyster-Yale introduced a new range of UTILEV® brand forklift trucks. UTILEV® is a utility lift truck that meets the needs of basic applications.

In 2014, Hyster-Yale acquired Nuvera Fuel Cells, LLC, an alternative-power technology company focused on fuel cell stacks and relates systems, on-site hydrogen production and dispensing systems.

Through our partnership with Sumitomo Heavy Industries based in Japan, Hyster-Yale also supplies Sumitomo forklift trucks to the Japanese domestic market. For detailed information about Hyster and/or Yale lift trucks or lift truck parts, or to learn more about the Sumitomo forklift portfolio, we encourage you to visit their individual websites:

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Elastomeric Resilent Solid Forklift Tyres

“Elastomeric tyres are manufactured with the most rigorous applications in mind. Elastomeric has a range of tyres that will ensure long term improvements in efficiency and operating costs.”

Ban Solid Forklift-Elastomeric

Elastomeric Resilent Solid Features:

  • Low abrasion, band wearing tread for rough terrain
  • Low rolling resistance and heat build up
  • Extremely hard reinforced base compound
  • Tread compound specially formulated to prevent side wall tears

Ban solid forklift-Kumakai

The Kumakai tire is developed with the latest technology. Quality compounds and a modern and highly functional design guarantee an attractive

product with economical benefits:

  • Long mileage
  • Low energy consumption
  • Excellent cut resistance Features
  • Natural rubber
  • Good resistance to fatigue
  • High stability, maximum safety
  • Optimal grip and traction Cost Saving
  • Low rolling resistance
  • Extra long wear qualities
  • High cutting and chipping resistance
  • Cool running tyre